Misa Hirano-Nomoto

Misa Hirano-Nomoto Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, Kyoto University
Research Fields Previously, I have conducted cultural-anthropological research on the lifestyle culture in urban societies in Cameroon and the connection between cities and farming villages. During the first phase of the Potential Project, I considered what the potential of Africa would be while seeking local knowledge for conflict resolution and coexistence in the Bamileke chiefdom society. I would like to elucidate, from a micro point of view, how people in Africa attempt to overcome and achieve coexistence amid significant social changes.
Main Works
  • Hirano-Nomoto, M. 2016. Introduction to the Special Topic “Coexistence and Conflict Resolution in Cameroon”. African Study Monographs 37(1): 13-15.
  • Hirano-Nomoto, M. 2014. Urban Voluntary Associations as “African Potentials”: The Case of Yaoundé, Cameroon. African Study Monographs supplementary 50: 103-122.
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