Toshio Meguro

Toshio Meguro Faculty of International Studies, Hiroshima City University
Research Fields/th>

I have investigated the responses of people to/against the projects introduced by external parties in the name of “community-based” with a focus on the Maasai in the southern part of the Republic of Kenya. In the beginning, I studied the outcomes of these projects and people’s opinions and behavior, but I gradually expanded my interests and I now am conducting research on differences in the perception of traditional culture among different generations, and ways of representing ethnic and cultural identities to the external world.
Main Works
  • Meguro, T. (2016) “Maasai pastoralism today: Reality after group ranch subdivision in southern Kenya.” In Shiino W., Shiraishi S. and Ondicho T. eds. Re-finding African Local Assets and City Environments: Governance, Research and Reflexivity. ILCAA (Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa). 127-141.
  • Meguro, T. (2014) “Becoming conservationists, concealing victims: Conflict and positionings of Maasai, regarding wildlife conservation in Kenya.” African Study Monographs Supplementary Issue 50: 155-172.
  • Meguro, T. (2013) “The dynamics of cross-scale linkages in the context of global commons: Aspects of “resistance” to wildlife conservation in the Maasailands of Kenya.” In Murota T. and Takeshita K. eds. Local Commons and Democratic Environmental Governance. UNU Press. 234-252.
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