Takehiko Ochiai

Ochiai Takehiko The Faculty of Law, Ryukoku University
Research Fields My specialty is contemporary African politics, and my main research fields rest in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. However, my intellectual interests lie mostly in anything related to humanities in African, such as history, religion, mental disorders, drugs, health, and education. In that sense, I am a researcher in African area studies that have “no discipline” rather than “no nationality.” Additionally, I recently consider topics about regional security in Africa and do research on land issues in Sierra Leone.
Main Works
  • Ochiai, Takehiko (2016) “The Bifurcated Development of Land Policy in Sierra Leone,” Asian Journal of African Studies, No. 40 (forthcoming).
  • Ochiai Takehiko (2001) “Beyond TICAD Diplomacy: Japan’s African Policy and African Initiatives in Conflict Response,” African Study Monographs, Vol. 22, No. 1, pp. 37-52.
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