Shuichi Oyama

Oyama Shuichi Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, Kyoto University
Research Fields I have carried out research in western and southern African villages, focusing on the relationship between people and nature. I am also researching issues of desertification and shortages of food and land, poverty and economic gaps, and the frequent incidents of terrorist attacks in the Sahel region in west Africa. In Zambia in southern Africa, I have conducted research on changes in a self-sufficient economy and land-grabbing in farming communities. I am interested in the past and future changes of life in farming communities that are based on self-sufficient economies.
Main Works
  • Oyama, S. 2016. Guardian or misfeasor? Chief’s roles in land administration under the new 1995 Land Act in Zambia. In Moyo S. and Mine Y. eds. What Colonialism Ignored: ‘African Potentials’ for Resolving Conflicts in Southern Africa. Langaa Publishers. 103-128.
  • Oyama, S. 2015. Land degradation and ecological knowledge-based land rehabilitation: Hausa farmers and Fulbe herders in the Sahel region, West Africa. In Reuter, T. ed. Averting a Global Environmental Collapse: The Role of Anthropology and Local Knowledge. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 165-185.
  • Oyama, S. 2014. Farmer-herder conflicts, land rehabilitation, and conflict prevention in Sahel region of West Africa. African Study Monographs supplementary 50: 103-122.
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