Daisuke Shinagawa

Daisuke Shinagawa Research Institute of Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Research Fields I have conducted research on the grammars of several ethnic languages spoken in areas situated at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro. I attempt to approach diversity in linguistic typology within the scope of all the Bantu languages and the issues in the relationship between such typology and the parameters that define them, based on substantial data gained from my previous research on the aforementioned ethnic languages. After my encounter with “Sheng”, an urban language code in Nairobi, I came to be interested in language use in cities as they provide a multi-lingual setting.
Main Works
  • Shinagawa, Daisuke 2015. “Vowel length and TMA micro-variation in Kilimanjaro Bantu”, In: Asian and African Languages and Linguistics, vol. 9, 3, pp. 5-21
  • Shinagawa, Daisuke 2015. “A tentative analysis on morphosyntactic microvariation in Kilimanajaro Bantu”, paper read at the 8th World Congress of African Linguistics, Kyoto University, 8.
  • Shinagawa, Daisuke 2012. “Bidirectionality in the grammaticalization of ‘come’ and ‘go’ in Chaga”, paper read at the 7th World Congress of African Linguistics, University of Buea, Cameroon, 8.
  • Shinagawa, Daisuke 2009. “Historical split of *-ag in Rwa (E61)”, paper read at the 3rd International Conference on Bantu Languages, Royal Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren, Belgium, 3.
  • Shinagawa, Daisuke 2008. “Notes on the morphosyntactic bias of verbal constituents in Sheng texts”, HERSETEC: Journal of Hermeneutic Study and Education of Textual Configuration, Graduate School of Letters, Nagoya University, Vol. 1, No. 1, 3, pp. 153-171
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