Akiko Sugiki

Akiko Sugiki Faculty of Law, Keio University
Research Fields I specialize in international politics and African modern politics. I have researched and mainly studied civil wars, ethnic conflicts, refugees, and internally displaced people’s issues in the Horn of Africa region in East Africa. At the same time, I am presently focusing on child soldiers and pirates who play main roles in conflicts, crime, and security issues. I am considering the measures and challenges to prevent conflicts and crimes at community, national, regional, and international levels by conducting research on background and causes among the conflicting parties.
Main Works
  • Akiko Sugiki (2016) ‘Problems and Prospects for the “Regional Prosecution Model”: Impunity of Maritime Piracy and Piracy Trials in Kenya’, Journal of Maritime Researches, Vol.6, pp.21-40.
  • Akiko Sugiki (2015) ““Securitization” and Politics of Forced Migration: A Case Study of Kenya”, Charbit, T., and T. Mishima (eds.) Questions de migrations et de sante en Afrique sub-saharienne, L’Harmattan, pp.47-74.
  • Akiko Sugiki (2012) ‘Piracy in a Failed State: How State-buiding Can Stabilize the Stuaion off the Somali Coast’, Journal of East Asia and International Law, Vol. 5, No.1, pp.61-92.
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