Akinori Hamada

Akinori Hamada Faculty of Sociology, Kansai University
Research Fields I have conducted anthropological field research in cacao farming villages in southern Ghana since 2005. I was in pursuit of research concerning how people responded to diseases from the perspective of medical anthropology. However, my recent interests lie in redistribution practices at parties such as weddings and funerals.
Main Works
  • Hamada, A. 2014. Payment and Milieu of Mutual-Aids: The National Health Insurance Scheme and Multiple Cares in Southern Ghana. In Mohacsi Gergely ed., Ecologies of Care: Innovations through Technologies, Collectives and the Senses. Readings in Multicultural Innovation, Vol. 4. Osaka: Doctoral Program for Multicultural Innovation. 161-177.
  • Hamada, A. 2014. Medical Technology as Cultural Interface In Heung Wah Wong and Keiji Maegawa eds. Revisiting Colonial & Post-Colonial: Anthropological Studies of Cultural Interface. Los Angeles: Bridge21. 283-305.
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