Akira Takada

Akira Takada Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, Kyoto University
Research Fields I researched areas such as interaction between rearer and children, environmental perception, and changes in ethnicity with a main focus on San (Bushman), the native hunter-gatherers in southern Africa. In this project, I would particularly like to examine how indigenous and exogenous knowledge and technologies have been shared and changed in various African communities with fellow members with different disciplines.
Main Works
  • Takada, A. (ed.). (2016). Natural history of communication among the Central Kalahari San. African Study Monographs, Supplementary Issue, 52, 1-187.
  • Takada, A. (2016). Unfolding cultural meanings: Wayfinding practices among the San of the Central Kalahari. In W. Lovis & R. Whallon (Eds.), Marking the Land: Hunter-gatherer creation of meaning in their environment. New York: Routledge, pp.180-200.
  • Takada, A. (2015). Narratives on San ethnicity: The cultural and ecological foundations of lifeworld among the !Xun of north-central Namibia. Kyoto and Melbourne: Kyoto University Press & Trans Pacific Press.
  • Takada, A., Nyamongo, I., & Teshirogi, K. (eds.)(2014), Special Issue: Exploring African potentials: The dynamics of action, living strategy, and social order in Southern Africa. MILA – A Journal of the Institute of Anthropology, Gender and African Studies 12: iii-iv,1-75.
  • Takada, A. (2012). Pre-verbal infant-caregiver interaction. In A. Duranti, E. Ochs, & B. B. Schieffelin (Eds.), The handbook of language socialization. Oxford: Blackwell, pp.56-80.
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