Akiyo Aminaka

  Africa Studies Group, Area Studies Center, Institute of Developing Economies (IDE-JETRO)
Research Fields I have a research interest in the changing face of southern Africa with focus on the movement of migrant labor between Mozambique and South Africa, and international relations. My previous research concerned the governmental policies that led to labor being sent from southern Mozambique to South Africa, and livelihood activities in the farming villages where the migrant workers came from. In recent years, however, I have developed an interest in the changing nature of the relationship between the north and south of Mozambique brought about by changes in the economic relationship with South Africa, as well as dramatic change in Mozambique’s domestic economic environment, from the perspective of democratization and decentralization.
Main Works
  • Aminaka, Akiyo (2013) “Transition in Immigration Policy: Inclusion and Exclusion in the South African State after Democratisation,” Public Policy and Transformation in South Africa after Democratization, IDE Spot Survey 33, pp.103-121.
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