Atsuko Munemura

Atsuko Munemura Faculty of Economics, Chiba Keizai University
Research Fields By drawing on case examples from the canning industry in Western Cape, South Africa, I have made historical observations on the development process of the country’s manufacturing industry in pre-World War II. My research interest is to clarify how female seasonal workers from rural areas obtained their skills required for the manufacturing industry. In this research project, I have set a question—Why did the manufacturing industry, which centralized female labor, form in an area with an extremely small female population?—and have been analyzing it from the two perspectives of farms and the manufacturing industry.
Main Works
  • Atsuko Ansai-Munemura, “Industrial Conciliation between Multi-Racial Trade Union and the Apartheid Government: A study of the Food and Canning Workers Union in 1950s Western Cape”, Global Leadership Training Programme in Africa, 2016, Final Report.
  • Atsuko Munemura, “Book Review: G. Austin and K. Sugihara(eds.), Labour Intensive Indusrialization in Global History, London: Routledge, 2013”, Asian Review of World History, Vol. 2, No.2, August 2014, pp. 269-274.
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