Atsushi Ichinose

  Departmento of Luso-Brazilian Studies of Faculty of Foreign Studies, Sophia University
Research Fields The subject of my study is literary works written in Portuguese in Lusophone African countries. Previously, I translated “Mayombe” (published by Ryokuchisha) by Pepetela, a leading writer in Angola. I have also researched the Creoles language based on Portuguese vocabulary, with a particular focus on Guinea Bissau.
Main Works
  • Ichinose, Atsushi. 2014. América Latina no imaginário popular e no mundo académico do Japão. Neoliberalism and Pos-Neoliberalism : Challenge and Response from Latin America. Busan University of Foreign Studies.
  • Ichinose, Atsushi. 2008. Desafio da língua portuguesa no Japão contemporâneo. 11th Conference of the International Academy of Linguistic Law “Law, Language and Global Citizenship” Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.
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