Atsushi Tsujimoto

Atsushi Tsujimoto JICA Research Institute
Research Fields I engaged in practical operations for education development projects conducted by JICA from 2008 to 2016, serving as a member of the JICA Human Development Department, a planning researcher in the JICA Rwanda Office (in charge of human resource development), and an operation coordinator for the Egypt-Japan University for Science and Technology (E-JUST) Foundation Project.
I am currently interested in capacity development of educators in countries that have experienced conflicts. I am planning to conduct a study on how the capacity development of teachers has been implemented, with a focus on the life histories of individual teachers in Rwanda, in which the conflicts were experienced over 20 years ago.
Main Works
  • Atsushi Tsujimoto, “A Study of the Cultural Situation of Pupils in Upper Basic School in Zambia”, The Journal of Research and Practice of International Cooperation in Science, Mathematics and Technology Education Vol.2 No.1, 57 – 67, 2010
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