Chihiro Ito

Chihiro Ito Department of Culture, Faculty of Humanities, Fukuoka University
Research Fields With a focus on Zambia and Zimbabwe, my research concerns village–city interactions, and the fishery resources in Lake Kariba. Regarding the latter, which is closely related to this project, I am currently conducting my research on how decrease of fish catches in Lake Kariba has influence on the changes in fishery system and relationships between those people involved in the fishing industry.
Main Works
  • Ito, C. 2014. “The Growth of ‘Rural Business’ and its Impact on Local Society in Zambia” In A. Takada, I. K. Nyamongo and K. Teshirogi eds. MILA Special Issue on Exploring African Potentials: The Dynamics of Action, Living Strategy, and Social Order in Southern Africa, 51-60.
  • Ito, C. 2010. The Role of Labor Migration to Neighbouring Small Towns in Rural Livelihoods: A Case Study in Southern Province, Zambia. African Studies Quarterly 12(1): 45-72.
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