Eri Hashimoto

Eri Hashimoto College of Arts, Rikkyo University
Research Fields Specialization: Cultural and social anthropology
I have studied the relationship between diviner beliefs and conflicts among the Nuer people in the Republic of South Sudan up until now. Since the eruption of the conflict in South Sudan in 2013, I have continued my research by tracing South Sudanese refugees who have fled to neighboring countries. At present, I am working on this research with interests in how they maintain their livelihood norms and social relationships in the areas to which they fled, as well as how they face their lives and their experiences of the conflicts while recreating their lives in the new environments.
Main Works
  • Hashimoto, Eri (2016)“When ‘Frontiers’ Intimidate a State: Roles and Local Accountability of a Non-state Armed Force in Post-independence South Sudan”, at Inter-Congress 2016 of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, Hotel Palace, Croatia, May 4th – 9th.
  • Hashimoto, Eri (2015)“Moral Imagination in Modes of Thought: A Case Study of Prophecy-fulfillment, an Anthropologist and the Nuer in Post-civil War South Sudan”, Australian Anthropological Society 2015 Conference, The University of Melbourne, Australia, December 1st-4th.
  • Hashimoto, Eri (2013) Prophets, Prophecies and Inter-communal Conflict in Post-independence South Sudan. Nilo-Ethiopian Studies 18:37-44.
  • Hashimoto, Eri (2013) Reviving Powers of the Past with Modern Technology : Aspects of Armed Youth and the Prophet in Jonglei State. Sophia Asian Studies 31: 161-173.
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