Fuko Onoda

  Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University
Research Fields East Africa has an abundance of literature written in Swahili, the regional lingua franca, and such literature is still created. Among Swahili literature, works written in Swahili using the Roman alphabet, after the independence of east African countries are considered modern Swahili literature. My specialization concerns this modern Swahili literature, and in particular, I have conducted research on novels and poetries by Euphrase Kezilahabi (1944- ), a Tanzanian writer known for his great contribution to the development of the literature. I also am interested in Swahili lyrics of East African popular songs, called “Taarab.”
Main Works
  • ONODA Fuko. 2016. “Image of Circle in the Swahili Author Euphrase Kezilahabi’s Works”. African Literature Association Annual Conference. Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
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