Haruka Arii

Haruka Arii Hokkaido University of Education (Hakodate Campus)
Research Fields I have conducted my research on changes in the life course of women in the agricultural regions of Ethiopia, with focus on its relationship to dissemination of school education. I am also interested in how individual woman make choices through negotiations with others with respect to schooling, employment, as well as marriage and child birthing.
Main Works
  • Arii, Haruka 2016. ”How Women Choose Their Schooling in Their Life Course: The Case of Maale, Southwestern Ethiopia.” Nilo-Ethiopian Studies. No.21. pp.1–14.
  • ARII Haruka, 2012 “Conditions of Married Female Students in Maale, Suthwestern Ethiopia”. The 7th International Research Forum of African Studies, Kyoto University, March (poster).
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