Shinichiro Ichino

Ichino Shinichiro Center for African Area Studies, Kyoto University
Research Fields I have conducted my research at the Berenty Reserve in Southern Madagascar on social ecology of the ring-tailed lemur, which is an endangered species. Southern Madagascar is a region experiencing significant loss of forest, and consequently, only a small forest remains today. I am interested in answering questions about how biodiversity of the whole region can be preserved.
Main Works
  • Ichino S, Soma T, Miyamoto N, Chatani K, Sato H, Koyama N, Takahata Y. 2015.
    Lifespan and reproductive senescence in a free-ranging ring-tailed lemur (Lemur catta) population at Berenty, Madagascar. Folia Primatologica. 86(1-2): 134-139.
  • Ohta I, Oyama S, Sagawa T, Ichino S. 2014. ‘Conflict Resolution and Coexistence: Realizing African Potentials’. African Study Monographs Supplementary Issue. No. 50.
  • Ichino S, Chatani K, Kawamoto Y, Sato H, Schnöll A, Soma T, Koyama N, Aimi M, Takahata Y. 2013. Decrease in the body mass of wild ringtailed lemurs at Berenty Reserve in Madagascar with environmental changes. African Study Monographs. 34 (2) : 109-118.
  • Ichino S, Soma T, Koyama N. 2013. The impact of alopecia syndrome on female reproductive parameters in ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta) in Berenty Reserve, Madagascar. In: Leaping Ahead: Advances in Prosimian Biology. Masters J, Gamba M, Genin F, Tuttle R. eds., New York : Springer. pp. 377-386.
  • Ichino S, Rambeloarivony H. 2011. New cases of vertebrate predation by the ring-tailed lemur (Lemur catta), with references to the difference from Eulemur species and other primates. African Study Monographs. 32 (2): 69-80.
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