Kyoko Nakamura

Kyoko Nakamura Faculty of Global and Regional Studies, Toyo University
Research Fields My research concerns the pastoralist Samburu people of Kenya. I have researched how their unique social system called age system and their life courses have changed over time, and the representation of “ethnic culture” in tourism and beads decorations. In recent years, the focus of my research has also been on the changing local attitudes and behavior toward female circumcision / female genital mutilation.
Main Works
  • Nakamura K. 2014 “Involvement in tourism and bodily changes: long braided hair and beaded neck of the pastoral Samburu” XVIII International Sociological Association, ISA, World Congress of Sociology.
  • Nakamura K. 2013 “Alternative Life Course Among the Samburu Women: Changes in Circumcision, Marriage, and Childbearing” 56th Annual Meeting of ASA (African Studies Association) .
  • Nakamura K. 2012 “Masculine Image and “Warrior Identities”of the Samburu in Northern Kenya” 110th AAA Annual Meeting.
  • Nakamura K. 2005 Adornments of the Samburu in Northern Kenya: A Comprehensive List. Center for African Area Studies, Kyoto University. i-viii, 1-160.
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