Makiko Sakai

Makiko Sakai Graduate School of Global Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Research Fields I conducted research in Chad (central Africa) that focused on the relationship between development projects and the lives of people in farming villages. I later moved my research field to Tanzania and Cameroon, where I concentrated on diversification of livelihood and changes in the conception of money in the globalizing society. In Tanzania, I am studying the movement of cash, e.g. from micro-credit schemes, among farmers and herders in the context of urbanization and inter-community cooperation. In Cameroon, my research focuses on how the demise of coffee cultivation has led to the creation of a supply chain network for fresh vegetables, and I follow up the living strategy of female vegetable traders who sell at local markets.
Main Works
  • Sakai, M. 2016 “Famine and Moral Economy in Agro-Pastoralist Society – 60 years of Rainfall Data Analysis”in Maghimbi, S., Mwamfupe, D. and Sugimura, K. eds. Endogenous Development, Moral Economy and Globalization in Agro-Pastoral Communities in Central Tanzania, Dar es Salaam University Press.
  • Sakai M. 2016“Critical Analysis of Tanzania’s “Kilimo Kwanza (Agriculture First)” Policy”, Presentation、XIV World Congress of Rural Sociology (IRSA), 10-15, August, 2016, Toronto, Canada.
  • Sakai, M. 2014“Limits of Micro-finance and “Bank of Affection” in urbanizing agro-pastoral Gogo Society, Dodoma, Tanzania”Proceedings of 6th International Conference on African Moral Economy, ,ed. K. Sugimura, Fukui Prefectural University, pp.116-176. 
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