Mikako Nishimuko

  Faculty of Language Studies, Teikyo University
Research Fields I am studying basic education in Sierra Leone and Ghana. I have conducted my research on how the policy and systems have impacted the recipients of the services in reality, with a focus on the children who have been left behind by these services. I am interested in the relationship between people’s lives, sense of value, and choice of action.
Main Works
  • Nishimuko, M (2014) “How Education Could be Inclusive?: The Case of Sierra Leone,” Journal of International Cooperation in Education 17(2):71-85.
  • Nishimuko, M (2014) “Republic of Sierra Leone” in General World Environmental Chronology Editorial Working Committee (ed), General World Environment Chronology. Tokyo, Suirensha, pp.482-486.
  • Nishimuko, M (2010) “Teacher Training Management in Sierra Leone: Challenges Faced by a Post-conflict Country in Attempting to Achieve Education for All” in Karras, K.G. and Wolhuter, C.C. (eds.), International Handbook on Teacher Education Worldwide: Training, Issues and Challenges for Teacher Profession. Athens, Atrapos Editions, pp. 843-860.
  • Nishimuko, M (2010) “A Threat to Educational Quality in Sierra Leone’s Education for All” in Geo-Jaja, M. A. and Majhanovich, S. (eds.), Education, Language and Economics: Growing National and Global Dilemma. Rotterdam, Sense Publishers, pp. 39-51.
  • Nishimuko, M (2009) “The Roles of Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Faith-based Organisations (FBOs) in Achieving Education for All: The Case of Sierra Leone,” Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education 39(2):281-295.
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