Minako Araki

Minako Araki Faculty of Core Research, Human Science Division, Ochanomizu University
Research Fields In farming communities in Tanzania and Zambia, I have been involved in both practice and research on regional development focusing on spontaneous participation. With focus on mutual actions between actors of development practices, I have conducted research on the roles of residents’ groups and farmers’ groups and their changes, the utilization and management of resources, and conflicts and cooperation over development practices. I am interested in the challenges and potential of spontaneous development and sustainable development in African farming communities.
Main Works
  • Araki, M., 2007, “Local Notions of Participation and Diversification of Group Activities in Southern Tanzania”, in .Itani,J. and M.Araki (eds), Rural Development Reconsidered: People’s Responses to Globalization in Tanzania, African Study Monographs Supplementary Issue No.36, pp.59-70.
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