Momoka Maki

  Faculty of Global Studies, Sophia University
Research Fields I have studied political history, ethnic relationships and gender in Ethiopia and Eritrea. My studies focus on the Tigrai people who live in both Ethiopia and Eritrea. I have conducted historical research on the relationship between the central government and ethnic groups in Ethiopia and that of Ethiopia and Eritrea. In Tigrai State, I have implemented my research on the People’s Liberation Front and female soldiers, women’s liberation policies, and activities of NGOs for women in the post-war era. My interest in research has focused on female soldiers, conflicts and gender in Africa.
Main Works
  • Momoka MAKI, “Wayyana”, in Siegbert Uhlig (ed), Encyclopedia Aethiopica, vol. 4 (O–X), Harrassowitz, pp. 1164–1166.2010.
  • Momoka MAKI,The Gaz raid and the reconstruction of Ethiopian Empire: the final Gaz in Tigray and northern Wollo, 1941–1942”, Journal of Nilo-Ethiopian Studies, no. 14, pp. 39-50. 2010.
  • Momoka MAKI, “The Wayyane in Tigray and the reconstruction of the Ethiopian government in the 1940’s”, in Svein Ege, Harald Aspen, Birhanu Teferra and Shiferaw Bekele ed, Proceedings of the 16th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies, Trondheim, 2009, pp. 655-663.
  • Momoka MAKI, “Women Fighter in TPLF- Women’s Agency in the Struggle and Post-Conflict Society“, 19th International Conference on Ethiopian Studies, Warsaw, Poland, 26th Aug, 2015.
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