Motomichi Wakasa

  Meisei University / Atomi University / Hakuoh University / Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (part-time lecturer)
Research Fields I am interested in Afro-Asiatic (Hamito-Semitic) languages in general, and the country I conducted actual field work in was Ethiopia. Especially, I have focused on capturing the Wolaytta language in a comprehensive and detailed manner. I have recently started my research on the Kambata language after I came to be interested in languages spoken in neighboring areas. I am intrigued by the grammar of the Amharic language, which is spoken widely in Ethiopia, and I have collected idioms and usages of grammar that have drawn my attention.
Main Works
  • 2016 An analysis of complex event representation in Amharic texts. Asian and African Languages and Linguistics10: 139-155.
  • 2015 A tentative analysis of the OSV order in Wolaytta. Asian and African Languages and Linguistics9: 45-63.
  • 2014 A sketch grammar of Wolaytta. Nilo-Ethiopian Studies 19: 31-44.
  • 2008 A descriptive study of the modern Wolaytta language. Doctoral Dissertation, University of Tokyo
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