Nagisa Nakawa

Nakawa Nagisa The College of Architecture and Environmental Design Kanto Gakuin University
Research Fields My specialty is arithmetic and math education in developing countries and in Japan. More than 10 years ago, I was a Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer (17-2 science and math teacher) stationed in Zambia. Since then, I have researched math education in Zambia. I have also expanded my research areas to Asian counties, including Nepal and eastern Timor. I have mainly done qualitative studies on children’s readiness and learning achievements, as well as action research and collaborative work with local teachers. Because I have focused on issues in classrooms, I would like to deepen my understanding of Zambian culture and societies and develop my research while considering various factors that would better help with the comprehension of children’s learning experiences.
Main Works
  • Nakawa, N. (2015). Application of Substantial Learning Envronment (SLE) to mathematics classes for grade 5 and 6 in Zambia: Teachers’reflections and development of their teaching, Zambia Journal of Teacher Professional Growth, 3(1), 55-74.
  • Nakawa, N. (2015). Zambian teachers’professional discussions in lessonstudy: a case study in mathematics in Central ProvinceOno, Y.(Eds.). International Council on Education for Teaching (ICET) 59th World Assembly – Challenging disparities in education – 59th Yearbook of Teacher Education, 431-439. Naruto, Japan.
  • Nakawa, N. (2015). What Fruitful Discussions Do Zambian Teachers Have in Lesson Study? –A Case Study. Beswick, K., Muir, T., & Wells, J. (Eds.). Proceedings of 39th Psychology of Mathematics Education conference, 3, 273-280. Hobart, Australia: PME.
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