Nobuhide Sawamura

Nobuhide Sawamura Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University
Research Fields I have conducted research on education quality that could offer life experiences in Sub-Sahara African countries, including Kenya. I have implemented my research with a base in a primary school in the region where the Masai people have lived for over 20 years, with attention paid to the changes caused by the passage of time on the actual state of school enrollment and the school’s role in the community. Recently, I have become interested in the background of the foundation of non-approved private schools in the slums of Nairobi, including their operation and the opportunities for learning provided to the people living in the area.
Main Works
  • Sifuna, N. D. and Sawamura, N. (2010) Challenge of Quality Education in Sub-Saharan African Countries. New York: Nova Science Publishers, pp.241.
  • Sawamura, N. and Sifuna, D. (2008) “Universalizing Primary Education in Kenya: Is it Beneficial and Sustainable” Journal of International Cooperation in Education, 11(3), pp.103-118.
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