Nobuko Nishizaki

Nobuko Nishizaki Professional College of Arts and Tourism
Research Fields I have conducted my research on relationships between people, land and nature in areas surrounding national parks, including nature reserves in Ethiopia. Recently, in addition to local phenomena, I have also studied changes in global environmentalism and roles of international NGOs that have increased their presence. Furthermore, I am interested in tourism in Africa (both eco-tourism and ethno/cultural tourism).
Main Works
  • NISHIZAKI Nobuko (2015) “Dynamics of Community-based cultural tourism in southwestern Ethiopia” the 19th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies (Warszawa, Poland) Aug. 24 –29.
  • NISHIZAKI Nobuko (2014) “Neoliberal Conservation” in Ethiopia: An Analysis of Current Conflicts in and around Protected Areas and their Resolution, African Study Monographs, Suppl. 50:96-110
  • NISHIZAKI Nobuko(2013)“ Contribution of local praxis to conflict resolution in conservation issues: Lessons from the management of conservation areas in Ethiopia”, International symposium on Conflict Resolution and Coexistence: African Potentials 2013 (Inamori Foundation Memorial Hall, Kyoto University, JAPAN)
  • Nishizaki Nobuko(2013)Hunting and Fukushima Nuclear Accident, 19th International Symposium on Society and Research Management (ISSRM), Colorado (USA)
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