Satoshi Terao

Satoshi Terao Language Education Center / Graduate School of Education, University of Miyazaki
Research Fields I am studying about unofficial languages (such as regional/ethnic languages, migrants’ languages, and Creole) in PALOP (Paises Africanos de Lingua Oficial Portuguesa) countries (including Equatorial Guinea), with a focus on West Africa, and the (multi-)language environments in which these languages are spoken, as well as the language policy or attitude of the government toward these languages. I serve as the lead researcher for the project “Language policy trend in the Republic of Angola in southern Africa”, JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research C, for fiscal years 2014 -2016.
Main Works
  • Satoshi TERAO(2011)Freedom of Movement and Conservation of the Diversity of Culture : The Territoriality Principle vs. the Personality Principle, Kobe University Brussels European Centre Opening Symposium 5th March, 2011
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