Shuichiro Nakao

Nakao Shuichiro Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, Kyoto University
Research Fields I have conducted research on two Arabic-based Creole languages, namely, the Juba Arabic language (South Sudan) and Nubi language (Kenya and Uganda), from perspectives of descriptive linguistics and social linguistics. Currently, I would like to clarify my topic, such as how these sister languages were established with evolution of cities in southern Sudan since 19th century as its backgrounds, and also how they have and would change, through coordinating literature review and fieldwork.
Main Works
  • Nakao, S. 2015. “Causative-inchoative alternation in Arabic creoles: An “exceptional” language change?” in Osamu Hieda (ed.) Information Structure and Nilotic Languages (Studies in Nilotic Linguistics 10). Tokyo: ILCAA. 225-239.
  • Nakao, S. 2015. “Focus Constructions in Juba Arabic” Asian and African Languages and Linguistics 9: 105-129.
  • Nakao, S. 2014. “Grammaticalization of ‘come’ and rúwa ‘go’ in Juba Arabic” in Osamu Hieda (ed.) Recent Advances in Nilotic Linguistics (Studies in Nilotic Linguistics 8). Tokyo: ILCAA. 33-49.
  • Nakao, S. 2013. “A History from Below: Malakia in Juba, South Sudan, c. 1927-1954” Journal of Sophia Asian Studies 31: 139-160.
  • Nakao, S. 2013. “The Prosody of Juba Arabic: Split Prosody, Morphophonology, and Slang” in Mena Lafkioui (ed.) African Arabic: Approaches to Dialectology. Berlin: de Gruyter. 95-120.
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