Tadasu Tsuruta

Tadasu Tsuruta Faculty of Agriculture, Kindai University
Research Fields I am currently studying social changes in the Gogo society. These people are agro-pastoralists in central Tanzania, east Africa. Specifically, I have been focusing on the contradiction between rapid expansion of farming land caused by a policy for modernized agriculture promotion (land grabbing) and traditional land use systems. I have also considered process of change of the traditional performance of Ngoma, which are popular among the Gogo. I am also interested in regional comparisons of green revolutions (modernization of farming) and the roles of alternative economies such as moral economy and fair trade.
Main Works
  • Tsuruta, T. 2016 (in print). “Agriculture-pastoralism Complex in Historical Perspective: A Case of Northern and Central Tanzania.” In S. Maghimbi, K. Sugimura & D. Mwamfupe (eds.), Endogenous Development, Moral Economy, and Globalization in Agro-pastoral Communities in Central Tanzania. Dar es Salaam: University of Dar es Salaam Press.
  • Tsuruta, T. 2014. “Changing Social Roles of Gogo Sound Culture in Central Tanzania: With Special Reference to the Development of Cultural Troupes.” Japanese Review of Cultural Anthropology 15: 169-183.
  • Tsuruta, T. 2011. “Africa and Southeast Asia: From the Viewpoint of Comparative Study of Civilization.” In S. Maghimbi, I. N. Kimambo, & K. Sugimura (eds.), Comparative Perspectives on Moral Economy: Africa and Southeast Asia. Dar es Salaam: University of Dar es Salaam Press, pp. 91-105.
  • Tsuruta, T. 2008. “Between Moral Economy and Economy of Affection.” In I. N. Kimambo, G. Hyden, S. Maghimbi, & K. Sugimura (eds.), Contemporary Perspectives on African Moral Economy. Dar es Salaam: University of Dar es Salaam Press, pp. 35-52.
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