Takuto Sakamoto

Takuto Sakamoto Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo
Research Fields My original discipline is international relations. I have conducted research on the integration and fragmentation of nations, the dynamics of armed conflicts, and the development of region-based international relations. In recent years, I have visited arid areas in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Mongol with an interest in the situation of nomadic people facing the changes of land tenure system and uncertainty of environmental changes. In terms of methodology, my research style involves the proactive use of the calculator, such as agent-based simulation and analysis of satellite images and geo-spatial data.
Main Works
  • Takuto Sakamoto and Mitsugi Endo, 2016, Agent-Based Simulation of State Collapse and Reconstruction: Analyzing the Past and Future of Somalia, Social Science Research Network (SSRN): 1-33.
  • Takuto Sakamoto, 2016, Computational Research on Mobile Pastoralism Using Agent-Based Modeling and Satellite Imagery, PLoS ONE 11(3).
  • Takuto Sakamoto, 2016, Mobility and Sustainability: A Computational Model of African Pastoralists, Journal of Management and Sustainability 6(1): 59-75.
  • Takuto Sakamoto, 2013, Exploring Spatial Dynamics of Civil Conflicts in Virtual Africa: A New Research Design, CDR Quarterly, 8: 28-58.
  • Takuto Sakamoto, 2013, Conflict Analysis in Virtual States (CAVS): A New Experimental Method Based on the Extensive Use of Multi-Agent Simulation (MAS) and Geographical Information System (GIS), JICA Research Institute Working Paper, 56: 1-27.
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