Toru Sagawa

  Faculty of Letters, Keio University
Research Fields My research subject has been group relationships (conflicts and peace, hostilities and amicability) in pastoral societies in East Africa. Recently, I am interested in the impact of large-scale development projects, food security policy, and food aid on the lives of local residents.
Main Works
  • Sagawa, Toru 2014 The Daasanach. Mursi Online ( by Oxford Department of International Developments.
  • Sagawa, Toru 2010 Local potential for peace: Trans-ethnic cross-cutting ties among the Daasanech and their neighbors. In C. Echi-Gabbert and S. Thubauville (eds.) To Live with Others: Essays on Cultural Neighborhood in Southern Ethiopia. pp. 99-127. Köln, Rüdiger Köppe Verlag.
  • Sagawa, Toru 2010 Automatic rifles and social order amongst the Daasanach of conflict-ridden East Africa. Nomadic Peoples 14 (1): 87-109.
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