Asayo Ohba

  Faculty of Language Studies, Teikyo University
Research Fields I am interested in education policy in Africa. My research field is in Kenya, and I have conducted my research on the actual state of schooling with a focus on children in impoverished areas and under challenging circumstances.
Main Works
  • OHBA, Asayo (2013) Do low-cost private school leavers in the informal settlement have a good chance of admission to a government secondary school? A study from Kibera in Kenya, Compare 43(6) pp. 763-782.
  • OHBA, Asayo (2012) Widening access to secondary education in Africa: What lessons can Africa learn from East and Southeast Asian countries? Asia Pacific Journal of Educators and Education 27, pp.1-21.
  • OHBA, Asayo (2011) The abolition of secondary school fees in Kenya: Responses by the poor. International Journal of Educational Development 31(4), pp.402-408.
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