Hisashi Matsumoto

Hisashi Matsumoto Graduate School of Urban Innovation, Yokohama National University
Research Fields I have conduced my research on the relationship of ethnic culture, politics, and governments by using the Igbo society in Nigeria as a research field. I am interested in the influence and roles of the traditional leaderships, such as kings and chiefs in national politics today. My research concerns African communities in East Asia (especially in Japan). Nigerians occupy the largest portion of African population in Japan – and the majority among them is the Igbo.
Main Works
  • Matsumoto, Hisashi (2015) Living in Japan as ‘Kokujin’: African Migrants and Consumption of Popular Culture in Japan,Proceedings, Crossing and Hybridity in African Societies and Cultures, The Fifth IAS Humanities Korea (HK) International Conference, pp.39-47.
  • Matsumoto, Hisashi (2014) Chieftaincy as an African Potential in Contemporary Nigeria: Reimagining Home among the Igbo Migrants from Southeastern Nigeria, 4th African Forum: Yaoundé “Conflict and Coexistence in Africa” (December 4-5).
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