Masayoshi Shigeta

Masayoshi Shigeta  The Center for African Area Studies, Kyoto University
Research Fields  
Main Works
  • Masayoshi Shigeta & Morie Kaneko 2017. ZAIRAICHI (Local Knowledge) as the Manners of Co-existence: Encounters between the Aari Farmers in Southwestern Ethiopia and the ‘Other’. eds. GEBRE Yntiso et al., African Potentials: Conflict handling and peaceful coexistence, Bamenda: Langaa, pp. 311-338.
  • Tadessa Daba & Masayoshi Shigeta 2016. “Enset (Ensete Ventricosum) Production in Ethiopia: Its Nutritional and Socio-Cultural Values” Agriculture and Food Science Research 3 (2): 66-74.
  • Masayoshi Shigeta & Mamo Hebo 2014. “Continuity and Change in The Rights of Arsii Oromo Women to Property in West Arsii, Ethiopia” Nilo-Ethiopian Studies, Vol.19:1-14 (Co-authored with Mamo Hebo)
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