Mikako Toda

Mikako Toda Faculty of Global Studies, Sophia University
Research Fields I have conducted regional research on people with disabilities in central African countries, including Cameroon and Congo, from the perspective of ecological anthropology with a focus on direct observation. People with disabilities are often seen as “needy people in societies” who are subject to aid and assistance. However, I think they take advantage of their high “social skills” because of their need for close relationships with those surrounding them to seek assistance. My study aims to understand such multi-layered society by grasping the real life of people with disabilities.
Main Works
  • Olivero, J., J. E. Fa , M. A. Farfan, J. Lewis , B. Hewlett, T. Breuer, G. M. Carpaneto, M. Fernandez, F. Germi, S. Hattori, J. Head, M. Ichikawa, K. Kitanaishi, J. Knights, N. Matsuura, A. Migliano, B. Nese, A. Noss, D. O. Ekoumou, P. Paulin, R. Real, M. Riddell, E. G. J. Stevenson, M. Toda, J. M. Vargas, H. Yasuoka, R. Nasi. 2016. Distribution and numbers of Pygmies in Central African forests. PLoS ONE 11(1): e0144499.
  • Toda, M. 2014. Peoples and Social Organizations in Gribe, Southeastern Cameroon. African Study Monographs Supplementary Issue 49: 139-168.
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