Morie Kaneko

Morie Kaneko Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, Kyoto University
Research Fields I have conducted my research on female pottery artisanship in Ethiopia with a focus on their techniques. My research interests lie in the development and practice of indigenous knowledge. Currently, I am working on research into the influence of modern school education on generation and inheritance of indigenous knowledge, the practice of new livelihood by the people who have experienced schooling in farming villages and the changes in the communities brought by those influences.
Main Works
  • Morie Kaneko 2014 “I Know How to Make Pots by Myself”: Special Reference to Local Knowledge Transmission in Southwestern Ethiopia. Masayoshi SHIGETA, Mamo HEBO, & Makoto NISHI (eds.) African Study Monographs Supplementary Issue No.48: 59-75.
  • Morie Kaneko 2013b Pratiques Potieres dans la Corne de L’afrique Techniques & Culture 60: 202-221.
  • Morie Kaneko 2013a Transmigration among Aari Women Potters in Southwestern Ethiopia and the Accumulation of their Experience in Pottery-making Techniques. Morie KANEKO & Masayoshi SHIGETA (eds.) Gender-based Knowledge and Techniques in Africa, African Study Monographs Supplementary Issue No.46: 81-96.
  • Morie Kaneko 2012 Open Firing Techniques as Community-based Technology: The Case of the Ari Pottery Making in Southwestern Ethiopia Nilo-Ethiopian Studies No.17: 1-26.
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