Motoki Takahashi

Motoki Takahashi Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, Kyoto University
Research Fields I have conducted my research on development in Africa to clarify tasks, what measures to take, and what external partners should and should not do. Not only I am interested in economic development, but also social systems and changes in people’s relationships and behaviors. Drawing on my concern about the interactions between individual economic activities and the state changes in the era where the market economy reaches African countries, I am currently interested in people’s perception of national governments’ economic role and the development of spontaneous enterprises through their formalization (i.e., recognition by the state).
Main Works
  • Kitagawa, Katsuhiko, and Motoki Takahashi eds. 2016 Contemporary African Economies: A Changing Continent under Globalization African Development Bank xii+388pp.
  • TAKAHASHI, Motoki, 2015, “Towards Development Cooperation as Inter-Cultural Dialogue: ODA and Japan’s Experience of ‘Self-Help’ ” PFUR Bulletin of International Relations (People’s Friendship University, Russia) vol.15 issue 1, pp.5-14.
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