Shoko Yamada

Yamada Shoko Applied Social System Institute of Asia, Nagoya University
Research Fields My specialties are educational sociology and comparative international education. I have conducted my field research on educational policy and practice in African countries and have also studied Japanese assistance policies in Africa. I wrote my PhD thesis on colonial education in British West Africa and have long been involved in Ghana. However, for the last 10 or so years, I have researched civil education and human resources development for businesses and industries in Ethiopia. Currently, what I am interested in the most is how the youth acquire their knowledge and skills in various places, including apprentice systems and school education systems.
Main Works
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  • Yamada, Shoko (2014). “Domesticating Democracy? Civic and Ethical Education textbooks in Secondary Schools in the democratization Period of Ethiopia” in Williams, James H. (ed). (Re)Building Memory: School Textbooks, Identity, and the Pedagogies and Politics of Imagining Community. pp. 35-59. Sense Publishing.
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