Yuichiro Fujioka

Yuichiro Fujioka Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Global Society, Kyushu University
Reserch Fields I conduct my research on relationships between human beings and plants in farming communities in semi-arid regions in countries such as Namibia and South Africa. I am pursuing studies on the background of how the characteristic vegetation was developed and its meaning to the livelihood and sustenance of the local residents as well as changes in use of trees caused by commercialization of the fruits, with a focus on agro-forests, the bushes in farming land.
Main Works
  • Teshirogi, K., Yamashina, C., Fujioka, Y. (2017) Variations in mopane vegetation and its use by local people: Comparison of four sites in northern Namibia. African Study Monographs 38(1): 5-25.
  • Watanabe, Y., Itanna, F., Fujioka, Y., Ruben, S. Iijima, M. (2017) Soil fertility status of seasonally closed wetland ecosystem (ondombe) in north-central Namibia. African Journal of Agricultural Study 12(18): 1538-1546.
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