[6th Meeting of Research Cluster on Northeast Africa / 22nd Public Workshop]“Agricultural innovation and participatory approach” (November 25, 2014)

Date: November 25, 2014. 10:00-17:00
Venue: Large-sized seminar room, 3F Inamori Center, Kawabata Campus, Kyoto University


This symposium is aimed to discuss researcher-farmer linkages and the effectiveness and institutionalization of participatory approach in the agricultural research through practical experiences of participatory research cases.
In this symposium, four Ethiopian scholars working in the Farmers Research Group (FRG) project will report their activities and Japanese researchers bring the case studies in Asia including Japan as well as other African countries. We hope to make a general discussion on the topics such as the effectiveness of participatory approach and its institutionalization.
We welcome practitioners, researchers, students and all those who are interested in Agricultural development and research in Africa.


Moderator: Yoshimasa Ito (Kyoto University)
Opening Address: Kiyoshi Shiratori (JICA)

First session;“Participatory approach and agricultural technology development”
Moderator: Papa Saliou SARR(Kyoto University)

1-1. “Farmers Participatory Research on Teff, Haricot bean and Wheat Production Technology Improvements in Wolaita Zone, South Ethiopia”
Fanuel Laekemariam (Wolaita Sodo University)

1-2. “Revaluation of local traditional varieties and development of new varieties of chili pepper for the promotion of agriculture at Hilly and Mountainous Areas in Nagano, Japan”
Kenichi Matsushima (Shinshu University)

1-3. “Expected role of area study for ideal community based development: An example of soil erosion countermeasures in Western Kenya”
Yuko Yamane (Nagoya University)

1-4. “Practice-oriented area studies in Bangladesh”
Kazuo Ando (Kyoto University)

Lunch Break

Second session; “Institutionalization of participatory research approach”
Moderator: Feleke Woldeyes Gamo (Arba Minch University)

2-1. “Farmer Research Group (FRG) Approach Training for researchers at Adami Tulu Agricultural Research Centre, Oromia”
Kedir Wako (Adami Tulu Agricultural Research Centre, Oromia Agricultural Research Institute)

2-2. “Participatory Research in Amhara Region: Status and Challenges” Tilaye Teklewold (Amhara Agricultural Research Institute)

2-3. “Present status of agricultural research and participatory approach in Ethiopia”
Dawit Alemu (Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research)

2-4. “Contribution to Farmers through collaboration between research and extension in Afghanistan”
Masaaki Suzuki (JICA Capacity Development and Institutional Strengthening of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock)

Coffee Break

Third session; “Discussions: “How we can make participatory approach functional”
Chairperson: Masayoshi Shigeta (Kyoto University)
Comment: Shigeru Araki (Kyoto University)

17:00 Close

Co-Organized by:
– JICA and The Center for African Area Studies, Kyoto University
– The Grant in Aid for Scientific Research (A) Project: Engaged Area Studies in the Arena of African Local-Knowledge Formation and Sharing: Seeking for the new images of community
– The Grant in Aid for Scientific Research (S) Project: Comprehensive Area Studies on Coexistence and Conflict Resolution Realizing the African Potentials

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